Hey y’all, and welcome! My name is Sarah and in my quest to actively avoid falling into the quintessential 20-something-year-old’s path of starting a blog, I made the most logical choice, and started a blog. Makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it.

This is the third (fourth?) blog I’ve started over the years, so with any luck, I’ll give up on this one too or lose the password and we’ll all be out of our misery. In the meantime, here’s a little about me to help you build your opinion and determine my fate as a blogger.


*~* Army Wife. Dog mom. Too Blessed to be Stressed. *~*


I’m completely kidding. While those are all true and lovely, they are not my defining characteristics. Though my husband and dogs are pretty awesome. Unless one of them eats out of the trash…

Here’s the fast and dirty on Sarah Rideout and for better or worse, what you see is what you get with me. I’m friendly, goofy, sometimes uncoordinated, and cuss more than I’m proud to admit (cue my parents’ disappointment).

I graduated from Appalachian State with a degree in Sociology (again, sorry mom and dad), and had plans to start a job in IT Staffing Sales –  I don’t even know what that means if we are being perfectly honest. In the weeks leading up to starting the sales job, I was reminded how much I love cooking and that I’d always been interested in going to culinary school.

I spent the next year at Johnson & Wales in Charlotte, NC where I graduated Summa Cum Laude, and the following summer, working under the talented chefs, Sidney and Alison Bond, who run a culinary adventure school, Le Calabash, out of the Loire Valley in France. Spoiler alert: my French is still trash but my crème brulee is something to be marveled.

Since then, I had the opportunity to work in Charleston, SC at Oak Steakhouse with The Indigo Road Restaurant Group where I further developed my snobbery for whole, quality, locally-sourced ingredients, big red wines, and enlightened hospitality.

Now, I’m living with my husband, Zach, and our two dogs, Mosby and Lawton. I’m doing some light restaurant consulting and venturing into the world of cookbooks while actively seeking my next big move in Charlotte, NC.

There is something really special that happens around food. It’s the catalyst for stories, fights, gossip, jokes, ideas, news, life. So here it is, my own mini-world of chaos, a conglomerate of stories, and a collection of recipes, both original and passed down. I hope you’ll find helpful skills to elevate your home cooking, and recipes to impress your friends. I also sincerely hope you’ll take your date night away from the Red Lobsters of the world and see that local doesn’t mean expensive and there aren’t many things better than supporting your community.

Ultimately, I’m here to make your day a little better. Whether its reading my blog, Table Talk, and seeing the humor in the mundane, or finding the perfect recipe to cook for your visiting parents, to convince them you’re a functioning adult; I’m your girl.

Also– that isn’t one of my dogs in the picture. I was in Italy and it was a stray that let me pick it up. I was feeling the love. And by love I mean wine.