We pretty much look for any excuse to watch Davidson Men’s Basketball. We live about 8 miles from the college but love the opportunity to travel to see the team play. Lucky for us, they took us to Chapel Hill shortly before the New Year. We arrived the night before the game for a family dinner and then a good ole ass whooping in a game of pool. Dad and Katie destroyed Kyle and Zach, bless their hearts. And Kyle lost $10.

More to the point of why I’m sitting down to write this though, is that Katie recommended a great Greek restaurant, called Kipos, for dinner. Despite Katie being a behemoth in building the south eastern landscape of trendy restaurants (and shops), I still have the knee jerk reaction to not completely trust her taste since she is a vegan; sorry Kate. But, true to her fashion, and why Kyle lost $10, she proved us all wrong because Kipos was delicious. It is a bright, open space, full of personality, and bursting with energy from a young staff that provides an experience from start to finish!

We started the night with a meze assortment including hummus, zucchini fritters, wood-fired grilled octopus, and some of the best pita outside of Greece. Our server (who was a blond Cuban – can’t make this stuff up) was hilarious. He educated us on the menu and what flavors to expect, which was key because this isn’t the typical American-Greek restaurant. This isn’t the crumbled feta on a bed of greens and a side of olives kind of place and you won’t find a food truck gyro. The dishes offered complex flavors highlighting the land and sea with names that I don’t have a prayer at pronouncing or spelling correctly. (Check out the menu here.)

Zach ended up with the grilled lamb and I got the fisherman’s stew (which was gigantic) and we both blacked out while eating them and I couldn’t tell you what anyone else got. Somewhere in there, there was a dance that involved plate smashing, and before I knew it, we were getting our Greek coffee fortunes read, I was more confused than any post-real-blackout, but their beautiful giant slice of baklava soothed my utter confusion back into contentment and wine sipping.

If you’re up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, check this place out and you’ll be booking your flight to Greece before your bill comes. Also, if anyone can help me understand my Greek Coffee Fortune, I’d really appreciate it:

The hummingbird is whispering in the ear of the eagle but the eagle is turned away.

To which the obvious questions was, “Well which am I? The hummingbird or the eagle?”

“You are both.”

Can I get a second opinion?? Here is my cup from that night. Please help me.

greek coffee fortune


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