Starting new adventures can be scary or at the very least unsettling. After a summer learning and cooking in France at Le Calabash Petit Conservatoire de la Cuisine, I was ready to be home. I needed some good ole mundane, Fayetteville, NC where the most exciting thing that could happen, is seeing two toothless women fight in the Fresh Market parking lot. Ok, that is kind of exciting in it’s own right… right?

While I was away, I dreamt of familiarity and good classic southern foods that I grew up eating. Over-cooked pork chops on biscuits from a can, homemade chicken pie, my aunt’s pimento cheese, green bean casserole, oh man, peach cobbler, I could go on and on.

So my grandma lived in this little place called Catawba, NC and it literally had one stoplight. It was great because it was just far enough out from everything that you felt like you couldn’t be reached; which you couldn’t, because there is no cell phone service there. As kids we spent our days hanging upside down off of the couch playing the original Nintendo and as we got older, we would camp out down at her pond with friends and pride ourselves on not getting wasted off of 2 Bud Light Limes. Wild childhood, I know.

As we got older though, and didn’t have as much time to get out there, we looked at the Cooking in Catawba cookbook like it was the word of God. Never mind the fact that those sweet church-going women, who contributed, would crucify you themselves if they thought you were taking credit for their recipe at any given function. To be honest, my aunt may come for me if you go check out the Pimento Cheese Recipe… but it’s damn good. So go grab you a Bud Light Lime and get cooking!


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